Tuesday, 2 November 2010

That Was The Week That Was ...

Well, I've not often had weeks like last week, and I hope to goodness I don't have one again. That was the week in which:
  • I worked ten times my contracted hours to make sure the party's East of England regional conference last Saturday was a success
  • My kitchen was taken over for a week by my beloved offspring's (still unfinished) craft project - every available surface covered in painted planks and no room to make a sandwich or iron a shirt
  • Every white blouse I own was ruined in an unfortunate accident involving burgundy-coloured gloss paint from above project, white spirit, and a U-bend in the utility room backing up into the washing machine
  • We decided to get away from it all for a few days, and on Tuesday evening booked a five-day holiday in Marrakech starting this Saturday; only for OFSTED to announce on Friday morning that in three weeks' time it is inspecting husband's college where he's the College's OFSTED nominee, so we had to cancel our (non refundable) trip
  • Husband's credit card was blocked, as it was on a list of cards at risk of having been cloned
  • One of our dogs developed a very serious case of gastro-enteritis, and was admitted very deyhdrated and with epic D&V to the vet's on Sunday, where she's still on a drip
  • Son's girlfriend's grandfather was admitted into intensive care on Friday, and passed away on Saturday.
Still, at least the weather was nice ...

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