Thursday, 11 November 2010

Not your usual day at the office

I'd booked a meeting with my line manager at Party HQ for 3pm yesterday, but by the time I'd got to London KX at 2:30pm the building was effectively in lockdown mode. When I got to Westminster, I walked through the demonstration as far as the Abbey, then round to Great Smith Street, where I got a message (BlackBerry battery almost dead by this point) saying my meeting had been moved, so I cut through to the Abingdon Street car park and back through the demo again.

Between the Houses of Parliament and the Abbey it all looked fairly good natured and peaceful, so after my meeting, and with no BlackBerry battery left for calls or texts or email, I headed back to London KX and Ely, blissfully unaware of what was going on at Millbank, had a quick coffee in Tesco's while waiting for the 1855 bus, and got to Sutton just before 7:30pm. I got off the bus in the High Street and - as I'd told the family I would - headed straight for my book group (reading Hons and Rebels by Jessica Mitford this month, since you ask) and got back home by about 9:30pm.

Meanwhile, the family, having forgotten what I said about my plans, had been worried sick seeing all this kicking off on the television, and assumed that because I had not been in touch I was at the least incarcerated in Party HQ, if not injured or worse. They'd almost got to the point of ringing the hospitals and the morgue when I arrived home at about 9:30pm, to my total bewilderment at the reception I received.

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