Monday, 3 May 2010

Measuring up for curtains

So David Cameron is measuring 10 Downing Street for curtains already, and announces he'll ignore the Liberal Democrats in hopes of stitching up a deal with the Ulster Unionists at Westminster.

What happened to his "invitation to join the government of Britain" then? Or is the invitation for Conservatives only?

Cameron's presumptuous attitude to the people is symptomatic of everything that's wrong with politics in Britain. It's time to take power away from those who hoard it; to challenge vested interests, and break down privilege.

After the credit crunch and the recession, it's now clear that the banks are the biggest vested interest of all - and only the Liberal Democrats will take them on. The Conservatives are the party of choice for rich bankers - not surprisingly, when their major tax policy is to give tax breaks to multi-millionaires.

Since Mr Cameron became leader, the Conservatives have raised more than £15m from their banking connections, while one in 10 Conservative candidates for Thursday's election is either a former banker or has links to the industry - like Steve Barclay here in North East Cambridgeshire. Will Cameron really tackle the bankers on whom he is so dependent?

We have three days left to change Britain - to get rid of governments, both red and blue, that have served vested interests rather than the people who elected them. The opinion polls continue to show that there's all to play for, with the Liberal Democrats targeting seats which previously would have seemed out of our reach. Will it be more of the same under Cameron or even Brown, or real change with Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats. Only a few days till we find out!

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