Saturday, 29 October 2011

County councillors' allowances: sign the petition!

I've spent today in Ely, collecting signatures on a petition to try to overturn the recent incredibly ill-judged and ill-timed decision by Conservatives on Cambridgeshire County Council to award themselves a 25 per cent pay increase. Pictured* are Cllrs Neil Morrison, Jonathan Chatfield, and Kilian Bourke collecting signatures in Ely market square today - Cllrs Nigel Bell and Jeremy Friend-Smith also joined us, and we collected over 500 signatures in very short order. If you agree that county councillors shouldn't be awarding themselves massive pay increases while cutting jobs and services, you can sign the petition online.

*While taking this picture I cleverly managed to drop my uninsured BlackBerry Storm 2 on the pavement and smash the LCD screen to smithereens - less than four weeks after having renewed my contract with T-Mobile for another two years. An expensive butterfingers moment!

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